Neighborhood Observation on the South Side |

2021-11-12 07:41:13 By : Ms. Snowy Jiang

Coventry: An employee of a Manchester Road company reported on October 18 that a Youngstown man became angry because he could not cash the check at the company. Representatives from the Mitte County Sheriff’s Office departed before arriving. On October 18, a woman reported that her child’s father took her car without permission and assaulted her when he had an argument when he returned the car. On October 18, the representatives told Bender Avenue’s One location responded. The delegates noticed the victim’s face and neck injuries, arrested the Canal Fulton man for domestic violence and took him to Summit County Jail. On October 19, the delegates checked the video surveillance outside a car shop on Manchester Road to identify a man who had stolen the car. The owner said he sent his car for repairs and left it on when he walked into the store. Someone drove it away. On October 19, when six vehicles were stolen, representatives assisted in investigating a company in Ley Drive. A deputy found another vehicle stolen from Brittain Road at the scene and remained there until the Akron Police Station arrived and took over it. On October 20, after his girlfriend reported that he had shaken her violently during an argument, representatives signed an arrest warrant demanding the arrest of a Genera Street man. A Ponciana Drive woman reported that on October 20, her boyfriend left the residence in her car. Representatives found him driving the car on Portage Lakes Drive and arrested him on multiple charges of revoking his driver's license. The vehicle has been returned to the woman. On October 20, a homeless person was found sleeping on the porch of a Sanders Avenue residence. He was taken to a spot on Arlington South Road, where he was given a ride by a friend. On October 21, a man reported that his separated wife used her car to hit the vehicle he was driving, causing serious damage to the two, and smashed his windshield and side windows with a hammer. The Turkish football riots responded. . Both cars are registered under her name. The woman on Archmere Avenue had left before the representatives arrived, but they signed an arrest warrant to beat her. A woman on North Turkeyfoot Road reported that someone hacked into an online store account on October 21, changed the contact information and shipping information to an address in New York, and put the goods in the shopping cart for future purchases. The delegates responded to a residence on Cox Road on October 22, when a neighbor reportedly threatened to shoot a dog. The neighbor, who was found holding a rifle, was arrested for serious threats after two residents said he pointed weapons at them and threatened their dogs. The delegates confiscated the rifle, which contained 27 rounds of ammunition. A woman reported that on October 23, her young son had an online chat with a person who misrepresented his identity and intercepted their video conversation. The person threatened that unless he paid $300, he would send obscene material to the teenager's online contacts through social media sites. The representative advised the victim not to send money, temporarily disconnect from the social media website, report the perpetrator’s account information to the social media platform, and report any other contact information to the representative.

Green: On October 17, representatives of the Summit County Sheriff’s Office investigated the theft of electronic watches in a theater restroom on Interstate Avenue. On October 18, a woman handed the wallet she found in the parking lot of a restaurant on South Main Street to the police. A woman in Graybill Road reported that on October 19, she had a dispute with her separated husband and took possession of it. He played a baseball bat, but had no intention of using it as a weapon. When he tried to take it from her, they struggled on the bat. The man then released his hand and left before the representative arrived. Also on October 19, a loss prevention agent at an Interstate Parkway store reported that an Ashland Avenue man broke into and stole the vacuum cleaner twice in September. The man was seen on video surveillance and confirmed due to previous incidents in the store. A man from Comet Road reported on October 19 that he allowed a friend to stay in his trailer and now he refuses to leave and will not give him the truck keys. The man told the representative that he had been there for more than four months and the residents would not let him in to get his wallet. The representative suggested to the residents that the man had confirmed his residency rights, he must expel him and gave him the truck key. The representatives investigated the theft of the catalytic converters of four vehicles parked outside the Interstate Parkway automotive business on October 19. A loss prevention agent at a Corporate Woods Parkway store reported on October 19 that a man was prohibited from stealing energy drinks. The delegates signed an arrest warrant for a man who robbed and trespassed in Newburgh Heights, who was wanted in multiple communities for similar crimes. A motorist reported that he saw a pickup truck parked in the driving lane at a stop sign on Laubie Road at 3:45 am on October 20. A man got off the truck and tried to open the passenger door of his vehicle, so he quickly left. A South Arlington Road man reported that on October 20, someone broke into his car the night before and stole money. An Akron man reported that he parked his work car outside the Sara Drive residence on October 20. The next morning he discovered that someone had damaged the door and stole five lights and a catalytic converter. The delegates responded to the quarrel between a man and a woman at the Arlington Ridge Road location on October 20, arrested the Canal Fulton woman under the arrest warrant and released her to the Lawrence Town Police Department. A woman on Glenmount Street reported that her wallet was stolen from a chair while she was taking care of her children at the Arlington Ridge Road restaurant on October 20. The delegates were summoned to a battle involving a man and a woman at their Mayfair Road residence on October 21. They determined that the woman assaulted the man, and the man refused to sign the charges. The woman was uncooperative and reportedly admitted to beating and scratching the man and tried to leave in his car even though she did not have a driver's license. She was detained and fought with them when the police handcuffed her. She was charged with domestic violence and resisting arrest and was taken to Summit County Jail. The man who was not named on the woman’s lease was barred from entering the property. Also on October 21, a man told a representative at Akron Canton Airport that he accidentally left a gun in a vehicle he rented at that location. He did not have a certificate of ownership of the weapon, nor a copy of the car rental contract. He said he bought the gun at a pawnshop. The next day, an employee of the rental company found a pistol in the glove box of a returned vehicle and was taken away by the police. A woman on Greenfield Farms Drive reported that on October 23 someone used her deceased brother's credit card to make a fraudulent purchase. Following reports that a Timbercreek Drive man was walking a dog nearby without a leash, representatives signed an arrest warrant on October 26, demanding his arrest on the grounds that he violated the leash law.

LAKEMORE: On November 1, a Springfield Lake Drive man was arrested for domestic violence, after the police were called home for riots involving the man and his wife. A man from Somerset Drive reported that from November 1st to 2nd, a guest stayed at his house overnight and tampered with his computer, router and smartphone during his stay. The man did not know exactly what his computer equipment did, nor could he clearly explain any damage. The police responded to reports of damage to the Main Street Party Center on November 2. The management of the company showed the police a damaged camera and two other cameras that were turned from normal positions, and a downpipe was knocked down from the side of the building. According to reports, the landscape light was also stolen. Also on November 2, the police received a report saying that a woman with two children behaved suspiciously. EMS personnel determined that the woman's behavior was due to a medical problem. She refused to send her to the hospital, and a family member came to pick her and the children home. On November 4, a motorcycle rider led the police on a high-speed chase when the police tried to pull the rider over at a speed of 85 mph in the 35 mph area of ​​Krumroy Road. The rider escaped and turned right into Ambre Drive, left into Lake Road, and right into Hilbish Avenue, running stop signs at each intersection and reaching a speed of more than 100 mph. The rider ran a red light on U.S. Highway 224 and continued northward in Hillbish, where the police officer terminated the pursuit and suggested that the Akron Police Department be dispatched. A man on Wilson Street called the police on November 6, saying he thought he might be the victim of a scam. After investigation, the man's suspicion was correct.

New Franklin: On October 31, the police stopped him on Patty Drive after seeing him driving to the left in the center of Foot Lake Road in Western Turkey. The driver was a Barberton man. He looked injured and his car had damage to the front end. The driver said that the damage may have been caused by his father because his father was old. The driver failed the on-site sobriety test and breath test and was arrested by OVI and released to his mother. Also on October 31, the police investigated a report that an Akron man and woman tried to use counterfeit money to shop in a Manchester Road store. They left before the police arrived, but the police found them nearby. The man said that he tried to buy a prepaid mobile phone and visa card, but was refused before attempting to buy with two $50 bills. The police asked the man where he got the money. According to reports, he told them that he had won at a casino in Tallmadge and did not know that the money was fake. The couple were told that the allegations may be pending. A licensed driver came to pick them up because they had their driving licenses revoked. An assistant manager of the store confirmed the man’s statement, but added that when the manager determined that the banknotes were counterfeit and wanted to call the police, the couple took the counterfeit banknotes from the counter and fled. The police checked the surveillance video and are investigating. A Hunsicker Drive man called the police on November 1 and reported that someone had opened an AT&T mobile phone account and added four phone lines to his name. The man stated that the fraud originated in Michigan and he has been in contact with AT&T to dispute the $604 fee. Police were called to a restaurant on Manchester Road on November 1 for a drunk man and arrived when the Manchester Road man left with two opened bottles of wine. Witnesses told the police that the man made inappropriate remarks and tried to touch them, making them uncomfortable. He was summoned for disorderly conduct, opening of containers and illegal trespassing and was barred from entering the property. The police issued an arrest warrant on November 1, demanding the arrest of an Akron man who violated the protection order. Before a woman called the police that the man was her ex-boyfriend, the man continued to call her mobile phone. The police confirmed this by checking the victim's phone. According to reports, the man also called while the police were talking to the woman. The police officer called the man and told him that he would be arrested for violating the protection order. According to reports, he agreed to surrender but did not surrender and issued an arrest warrant. A man was arrested on November 8 for smashing a woman's car window during an ongoing property dispute on Zhongyang Road. The police had earlier filed a civil complaint against the residence. According to reports, the man told them that if she returned to the scene, he would break the woman's car window and spray her with pepper. The police advised him not to commit any crimes and contact the police when the woman returned. The police pointed out that the woman was one of the seven owners of the property. When she returned, the man allegedly refused to let her into the driveway, blocked the driveway with his truck, then reversed and hit her into her car and smashed her window.

Springfield: A security guard at a South Arlington Road store reported on October 26 that an Akron woman and a teenager were seen hiding clothes and household items in a large wallet, exchanging price tags And was detained after skipping scanning items. All goods from the store were recovered, the woman was charged with theft, and the teenager was released to her father. The police responded to the report of car theft in Coach Lane on October 26. The victim stated that she asked a man to use her car on October 24 and understood that it would be returned within a few hours. She said that the man gave her many excuses not to return the car. The police contacted the man and told him to return the car on the same day, otherwise an arrest warrant would be issued, and he reportedly agreed. The victim called the police on October 27, stating that the car had not been returned, and the man reportedly told the victim that he would not return it. The police issued an arrest warrant for the man and the car is believed to have been stolen. On October 27, a woman reported that her wallet and contents had been stolen from her unlocked car. There appeared to be no damage, and the police advised the woman to call her bank and cancel her bank card. The police responded to a report of a reckless driver on Jackson Avenue on October 31. The driver drove into a Canton Road lane, passed the house and escaped from the backyard. Objects found in the car indicated that the man was wanted in a burglary incident. A woman in Garfield Heights was arrested for shoplifting at a South Arlington Road store on October 31. She reportedly entered the bathroom with a basket of store merchandise and was later found trying to sell $181 worth of health and beauty products Hidden in her purse. In addition, a man in Bath town was arrested in the same store on November 1. According to reports, he was seen taking off his coat, putting on a new coat from the store, hiding other store goods in the coat, and Trying to leave without paying. The police were called to their home on Presler Road on November 1st on suspicion of drug overdose. A woman was lying unconscious in the driveway. She regained consciousness after taking two doses of Narcan and was taken to the hospital. According to reports, the caller told the police that the woman was known to take drugs. The police responded to the trash can fire in the Mobile Housing Park on Canton Road on November 1. The fire was extinguished, and the park manager provided the police with surveillance video. It was reported that a white woman with brown hair was wearing jeans, a thick coat with a fur hood and jeans walking to the trash can, using an unknown incendiary device to light the fire, and then Go to Canton Road. The incident is still under investigation. Police arrested a Lakemore man at the South Arlington Road gas station on November 3 in connection with a report of criminal damage at another South Arlington Road gas station the day before. A cashier told the police on November 2 that the man who was barred from entering the property was seen cutting off the cord of the outdoor ice machine and then leaving by bicycle. The police responded to an armed robbery at a South Arlington Road hotel on November 8 and arrested a 27-year-old Akron man. A hotel employee reported that the man entered the hotel lobby at midnight, brandished a pistol and asked for money. A hotel customer who witnessed the incident told the man that the police were outside and the man fled on foot. With the assistance of the deputy of the Summit County Sheriff’s Office and the K9 Department of Springfield, the man was arrested not far from the hotel. He was charged with serious robbery, escape, resisting arrest, and vandalism. According to reports, the man caused serious damage to the interior of a police car when he was taken to Summit County Jail.

The report of the Summit County Sheriff’s Office was prepared by Maggie DeMellier, and the remaining reports were prepared by Brian Lisik.

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